Futura Quick-Closing Caps are complex devices that can solve easy access to pipes, equipment, filters, Launchers, receivers, etc.

They are designed to serve you for many years given their robustness and Reliability.

For this it is essential that they are well cared for and maintained.

We have detected that our recommendations do not reach the end user who, within the multiple maintenance tasks of his plant / equipment, does not pay due attention to important aspects of the care of the Lid.

This causes the performance to be degraded or it ends up getting used to improper operations such as hard closures or unsafe conditions due to a bad closing of the puga bolt or degradation of some components due to solidification of lubricants.

In our growing experience in the field, we have detected the most varied forms of neglect of important details for the operation which can shorten the useful life of the caps or even render them unusable.

If the degradation is significant it can reach the point that the replacement of the complete cap is the only solution.

Echoing the request of many of our clients, we went out to offer our maintenance service.



For caps with many years of operation, to bring them to the closest possible state to new (includes provision of Legitimate Spare Parts).


To preserve the good use and condition of a new cover (includes provision of Legitimate Spare Parts).


Upgrades in products bringing them the improvements that were incorporated after the manufacture of the model in use.



Because we consider that each client is as unique as each solution provided, we have a large team of trained professionals to answer all your questions. Through our budget department, you will receive an immediate response from the first contact with Futura indicating all the necessary requirements that our firm needs to be able to carry out its work.


We have a logistics service and fast delivery of our products to different parts of the country, guaranteeing our clients security, speed and confidence in the distribution of each piece. Through our fleet of trucks, we offer a wide operational capacity for the distribution of our products, which leads to having a know-how that allows us to develop operations tailored to the client.


We have a wide flexibility that allows us to adapt to the diverse needs of each project, providing experience, creativity and innovation in response to the responses given in both the Argentine and Latin American markets.